About the Homeless Shelter of Mount Vernon

When the Mt. Vernon Homeless Shelter received its non-profit status in 1992, the immediate goal was to build resources as a homeless shelter. In 1994, the shelter was able to begin working with the homeless because of the generosity of the Charles Bulla family. The family leased a two-bedroom trailer to the Mt. Vernon Homeless Shelter for $1.00 per year, and the shelter began helping families get a fresh start.

In July, 1995, the shelter at 215 Kimball was opened. For a short time there were actually two shelters and both of them were occupied. Eventually, however, the trailer was returned to the Bulla family.

The waiting list continued to grow, and the property on the corner of East Third and Sawmill was purchased. Mayor Higgins and volunteers assisted with the tearing down and removal of the houses that were located on the property. After the lots were cleared, one and a half lots remained on which a second shelter could be built.

In October 2001, construction began, and the duplex was completed within 45 days thanks to “Project Family Hope” (Kiwanis), Schelhorn Builders and many, many volunteers. This, along with four grants received from the United Way, G.E., the Posey County Community Foundation and the Presbyterian Church made it possible to provide housing for two families over the holidays. Thanks to all the businesses, volunteers, and concerned citizens, the vision of the Mt. Vernon Homeless Shelter became a reality.

There are approximately 60 families requesting housing at the shelters in any given year. There are now three shelters to help these families.

Proud to be a Posey County United Way Agency.
The Homeless Shelter would like to thank the Posey County United Way, Vectren Foundation and the Posey County Community Foundation for their continue support.

Board of Directors Executive Committee
Board President
Phyllis Alspaugh
Community Volunteer/Retired

Board Secretary
Jane Saltzman
Community Volunteer/Retired

Board Treasurer
Beth Pace
Vectren Corporation

Board Members
Al Mason
Community Volunteer/Retired

Irene Evans
Schneider & Evans CPA

Marilyn Curtis
Mt. Vernon Barge Service

Jeff Saltzman
Community Volunteer/Retired

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